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About Us,

Established in 1994, Ulextra inc. has a 100,000 square feet production plant located in China. The corporate headquarters located in Montreal include the 65,000 square feet distribution centre as well as the customer service center for North America and Mexico. Two showrooms are available to customers, including one located at our Montreal headquarters and another at the Dallas Market Center, in the state of Texas, USA.        

Ulextra specializes in the design and manufacturing of various lighting products such as indoor and outdoor decorative fixtures, recessed lighting fittings and light bulbs for residential and commercial markets, such as hotels, restaurants, stores, offices, etc.

Our lighting fixtures are subjected to quality assurance tests according to current CSA and UL standards. Tests are conducted in our own labs compliant with ISO17025 standards, which allow us to control all our products before they are introduced to the market.  

Ulextra relies on a network of over 500 distributors in North-America who all contribute to giving some exposure to our unique products. Not only do our distributors benefit from our after-sales service commitment to better meet their customers’ needs, they can also rely on our superior company policy: offering the latest trend products at an excellent price-quality ratio with an outstanding service.

Ulextra’s qualified designers also use updated technology practices to elaborate new designs, favouring computer-based 3D creations over sketches. Our design team draws its inspiration from European styles, resulting in the creation of new and unique styles coveted all around the world. Once the design work is completed, our Engineering department is put in charge of giving shape to these new designs and getting them ready for production.             

Since its creation, Ulextra’s reputation is based on excellent customer service as well as highly competitive prices. Thanks to your support, Ulextra has become a leader in lighting design over the years. Join the Ulextra team and also become an industry leader!