What it means when lights flicker or dim

Like any electrical contraption, lights and lighting fixtures also get worn out. Bulbs burn-out and fixtures that hold it also get worn out over time. Home lighting either flicker or dim to signify that they have burnt out. The challenge is for homeowners to know whether the flickering or dimming is normal burning out or something else. 

Electrical experts say flickering or dimming lights can occur in any home. Whether it is recessed lighting, chandelier, or any form of lighting, it can flicker or dim. If it happens once in a while, then a homeowner can choke it up to normal busting out of bulbs. However, if it happens every so often, or it happens throughout the property then something is amiss. 

Flickering or dimming lights throughout the whole property is a sign that there is a circuit breaker issue

Normal flickering lights

Lights usually flicker due to power fluctuations or surges. When it happens alongside the abrupt turning on and off of other appliances in the house, then it is due to a power surge. Surges happen once in a while, especially during inclement weather.

What is not normal though is when lights flicker constantly. If it happens in just one of the lights in the house then most likely it is due to a loose installation, loose fixture plug, malfunctioning light switch or dimmer switch, a loose plug, or due to the plugging in of a high voltage appliance within the property. 

Abnormal light flickering

Light flickering that is not within the realm of normalcy could also mean more serious electrical concerns. These significant electrical issues include power overload, internal electrical voltage fluctuation, outdated or faulty electrical wiring connections, or electrical meter problems. 

Dimming lights can also have the same underlying reasons, hence it is crucial to fully understand if the problem is just isolated to one light bulb or if it happens throughout all the light fixtures around the house. When lights dim, it could be also due to a problem with the light bulb or the fixture, or again due to any of the possible significant electrical fixtures around the house. 

What to do about flickering or dimming lights

Flickering or dimming lights throughout the whole property is a sign that there is a circuit breaker issue. If the breaker needs an upgrade, then the homeowner should have it upgraded right away. To verify if this is indeed the case, then the homeowner should seek an electrical safety inspection from a licensed electrician contractor.